Waking up from conspiracy theories

You Get (Manifest) Exactly What You Focus On (On Conspiracy Theories)

Whistleblowers are good, we need them, but we don’t need MILLIONS of them. There’s enough people in this world who are being upset and angry about things, so what we need is more action-takers. People who take action from a place of alignment. When you change and become balanced and aligned on the inside, everything around you is influenced by that, and then your presence will affect others and the world in positive ways. Whichever way you go, you will be supported by the universe, so why not choose that which is empowering, inspiring, uplifting and helpful?

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My Experience and Relationship with Cannabis

The more people talk about their cannabis use, the more the world opens up to do more research about it. And the more scientific research and studies that are done, the more people can come to benefit from the health/medicinal (as well as recreational) benefits of it. Cannabis is obviously not for everyone, but it should definitely be everyone’s own choice to use it if they wish to do so, just like with any other substances/stimulants/medicines we use, such as alcohol, caffeine, and prescription drugs. Cannabis can be part of a healthy lifestyle but it’s important to use to with respect and clear intention so that the relationship stays healthy.

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Random Questions From Readers 4

11 Questions and My Replies To Them I’m known to write very long replies to readers who send me questions and topic requests via “Ask Maria” (my previous article for example was…

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