“Why are my prayers never answered?”

How to Pray Aright and Have Your Prayers Answered

“Why are my prayers never answered?” Read my reply in this article. Most people are not really ‘praying’. They are pleading, begging, hoping, and continuing to see sickness, poverty, problems, and so on, and when their prayers are not answered, they think that God is withholding the things they pray about. Here’s how to pray for either yourself or someone else, where you ask for what you want/need in a way that is not contradicting and working against you or the other person. Everything changes when you learn how to pray aright, and you will see results (and even miracles!) both in your own life and in the lives of those you pray for.

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Living in the Flow of Life

The flow of Life never ceases to amaze me. When you’re driven by the flow of your own life, that’s when you can really experience the beauty and fullness of…

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Life Always Gets What Life Wants

I wanted to continue on the topic I wrote about in this article: mariaerving.com/why-do-bad-things-happen because, .. well, I felt inspired to! 🙂 This is a perfect example by the way of…

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