Powerless or powerful, you decide

You are NOT powerless!

The Truth that sets you free is that you are not powerless – You are POWERFUL!

Our life is an expression of the ideas we’ve accepted as true within our consciousness and the concepts we hold of ourselves, and the moment you change your self-concept, your world changes too.

By altering your energy you alter your life, and your energy is your beingness.

Change that, and the world conforms to your new concept of Self because when you command yourself you command the world.

By recognizing your ability to condition your own consciousness, you can choose any role you want it to play, and That is what our free will is for.

It’s the power of choice we have of our own image of who we want to be, and who we are (in consciousness and energy) determines our conditions and circumstances in life.

We can expand our consciousness, or we can restrict and suppress it by assuming we are small and powerless.

Whatever way you look at it, we are either a slave to our (limited) consciousness, or we are the master of our fate by seeing ourselves in a different light.

There is no power outside of you. No power whatsoever outside of you.

YOU are the power. It’s not a God outside of yourself; but you are That, you are one with it. You are that power, it is within you.

Realizing this is the key to undreamed of freedom and joy.

No one needs to crawl through life like some kind of helpless worm!

You are powerful beyond imagination! NOT powerless, but POWERFUL!

The moment you capture this feeling of empowerment, and you live in the mood of it, your life will start to change, and rapidly so.

It’s rearranging itself back to what it’s suppose to be, so it’s easy; Life clicks into place and starts to work for you.

There is nothing you need to do but to accept this Truth about yourself; that you are the power you have been looking for outside of yourself.

You just stay in harmony (alignment) with Truth, with the Truth of who you are, and from that alignment, a new reality begins to unfold.

The moment you begin seeing yourself as a powerful being and visualize yourself empowered, you become powerful and empowered.

Life always return to you in the material world the images you maintain in your mind and the concept you hold of yourself.

As long as you let yourself feel defeated, hopeless, and powerless, you can’t win, but the moment you take back the control of your consciousness, that’s when you begin to win in life.

YOU are the power, and you are your own savior, so choose and mentally accept the highest and best in life.

There is nothing wrong with wanting what you want.

Whatever you want, allow yourself to want it, but don’t ask for it. Appropriate it! You command it of yourself.

YOU decide, because YOU are the boss in your life.

When you absolutely refuse to be a victim and give power to any person, place, condition or circumstance, then you are actually loving “God”, and it’s when you believe in yourself that you release the all-powerful creative God-energy that is within you.

Then you no longer live in the prison of the false self, with all its pain, limitations and suffering, but are instead the conscious creator of yourself and your reality.

And when you create from a state of being enough; from wholeness and worthiness, you’re no longer looking for anything outside of yourself to come and save you.

You are creating from a place of being it (powerful and empowered), and that’s when the false self is finally out of the way and you begin to draw new experiences, opportunities, events and people to you that are in harmony with your new beingness.

Everything you want will come to you when you get in harmony with it, and how you get in harmony, or alignment with it, is by your beingness (energy).

(((YOU))), are thought/mental energy and emotion/spiritual energy and your controlled and sustained mood = Vibration = Frequency = Experiences.

Change YOU, and your Life changes too.

BE powerful and empowered no matter what goes on around you in the outer world and let your life unfold from there, from the inside out.

NOT from powerlessness, but from powerfulness!

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