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How do I Stop Reading Horoscopes?

By obsessively reading and watching horoscopes on YouTube you’re holding yourself hostage in the limited consciousness of the small self. It prevents and blocks you from experiencing the magic of life because the small self is resisting the unknown where all the magic happens. It’s not in the known, or in the predictable that it happens, and there’s no way we can control the magical aspects of the unfolding of our life. We can only experience it, and the experiencing of it is our main purpose for being a human being.

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Critical Thinking: Astrology

In my youth I was very interested in Astrology and it has followed me throughout my whole life so I think that’s why this particular belief-system was stuck with me…

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Be True To Who You Are

The Spirit has many more outlets and expressions that many people will admit, or even have the courage to allow within themselves. They think (unconsciously) they have to stay put…

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