Meeting Fear and Pain

Instead of avoiding pain, or denying it, meet it – face it as it arises.

The ego is always in some kind of conflict with itself, and that is how it hooks us; by our deepest fears and worries.

It grasps for pleasure in order to avoid any pain that comes up – reaches for momentary gains of shallow pleasures – as the ego is addicted to pleasure and it doesn’t matter where it comes from; other people, sex, drugs, power, fantasies, alcohol, food..

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It’s an endless circle of pleasurable moments and pain – the wheel of Samsara as the Buddhists call it. (The wheel of suffering).

Whatever we avoid will keep coming back until we have learned what we are meant to learn.

There is no way out of the wheel of suffering other than actually meeting the fears and pains our minds has created!

The ego will do anything to avoid what’s here, remember; spirit lives in the present moment and ego lives in the imagined future or regretful past.

The Truth is already here and need not to be chased by any means, and instead of pleasure (which is short-lived) there is contentment in the present moment, peace and a happiness that feels very natural.

It’s unafraid.

And The Real You Is That.

The desire to get rid of fear only keeps us chasing and searching for reliefs and the egos solution can be (very often) in ways that are addictive, it’s even addicted to thoughts and will try to create better thoughts in the belief that that will free it.

The ego can never free itself.

By meeting fear in the moment it arises, we open to the Truth that is already here and that is completely unaffected and untouched by our mind-made drama!

By being fully aware fear disappears.

The next time fear comes up, instead of trying to flee from it, look at it, say to it:

“Alright, lets have a closer look at this fear, where does it come from, what does it want?” (not in an attacking way, but just simply with an attitude of being open to having a closer look at it)

Open to the fear.

It’s only existing as long as it’s resisted.

I can say this from my own experiences. There has been tremendous fear and pain in my own life in the past, and I would never had come to where I am today if I hadn’t faced my fears, my darkness and my ego’s addictions.

You can read a little bit about it here:

In my spiritual awakening process I have also met times in my life where I have experienced a fear that I can only describe as pure hellish terror that I could never even begin to describe in words.

I do know about this stuff, and I can testify that only by facing what’s in front of you will you ever be free.

I shared a little bit about my experiences from when I lived in Spain and where God put me to teach me about faith and trust in a book that I have co-authored in called “Cheers To Your Success! Removing Fear From Your Vocabulary So You Can Walk Into Your Destiny”.

Here’s a little snippet from the chapter I wrote:

Everything in life serves as a preparation for events to come, and all things has it’s place and time.

Just to clarify; I’m obviously not speaking about going into dark alleys etc just to face your fears, or staying in unhealthy situations in order to face the fears/embracing pain about them! I’m sure you get that, but for clarifications I felt the need to mention that.

There’s mental and emotional fears and pains and there’s physical and bodily pains.

I’m talking about the psychological fears (as in mental energy), the mental and emotional fears and pain, and not physical fears and dangers, which are normal to have and that are our natural instincts that warns us whenever needed.

When fear comes up and if you feel like avoiding it because you’re afraid of the fear  – ask yourself;

  • What am I avoiding here?

And another revealing question to ask when we find ourselves in a painful situation, or even relationship is:

  • What do I know, that I don’t want to know..?

Oftentimes the fear/pain hides something that we actually already know of but that we are repressing in order to protect ourselves from uncomfortable feelings or even confrontations with ourselves or the situations we find ourselves in.

If you find yourself experiencing fear right now, I’ll invite you to ask yourself;

  • How am I avoiding the Truth?

Listen to what your intuitive knowing says and follow its direction even if it scares you.

Intuition will never lead us wrong, and it will always win in the end – it’s up to us how long we want to suffer before we listen to it.



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