The Personality is a Perfume Consciousness Wears

Is fierceness an egoic trait? I don’t believe so.

All our personality traits – whatever they may be – are simply different expressions that consciousness uses and there’s billions of individual fragrances of the One.

Spirit can express itself fiercely too, it’s actually the one who tries to repress the fierceness that is the egoic mind – not the fierce expression itself. It has just been put into a box it can’t fit into.

In reality we are both that and more, way to big to fit into any kinds of boxes.

Why is there an assumption that Spirit is only kind, sweet and humble all the time?

It can be direct, intense and explosive too. Not in a confrontational way, or aggressive way but in a honest and open way. 

Not in a egoic “honest” way as in throwing your inner garbage on someone just to vent. That’s immature.

(Attack is always from the ego – Spirit has no need to defend itself because it knows it’s all there is: non-duality).

But rather in a way that promotes closeness and intimacy. Sincerity.Vulnerability.

When consciousness expands freely it’s not you and I who grows – it’s just that the individual seeing and sensing broadens and thus sees more of what is in reality – not what our minds make up things to be, but the Truth of Life and existence.

Just to question the assumptions and ideas we have opens up the possibility to see a whole different world that is beyond all the things and concepts we believe to be true but always changes. Truth never changes.

Simple questions like why do we automatically assume that we are the lower self and that there’s some kind of higher self that we in some way or another either wish to connect with, or aspire to live from, or ‘be’?

Why don’t we already live with the realization that there’s no such duality; that we already are the One, that this thing we call “I” is not personal, but simply one expression of many billions.

Because we have been trained since childhood to believe that we are this body with this particular name, profession and all the different roles we play for each other. But we are not those things at all.

When we question from the heart and not the mind – and when we listen with the heart and not the mind – we come to realize the truths of how the mind keeps us in bondage, but only as long as we insist on having our identification in it.

It’s by recognizing the false that we encounter Truth.

We (humanity at large) keep on insisting on putting not only ourselves into boxes, but others as well.

We keep on insisting to holding on to our beliefs and ideas of how we should be and how others should be and behave.

Beyond all ideas, concepts and beliefs there’s Truth – and not before we can embrace ourselves as we are – as consciousness or Life wishes to express itself and we stop denying it – can we become free and liberated to be just that.

The individual, or person that we think we are, is merely an aspect of consciousness and our individual personalities is the perfume it wears.

We don’t demand that flowers should have a different fragrance, or that the sun should shine brighter and be more yellow.

We don’t insist on leafs of the tree to be more colorful or the soil under our feet to be less earthy and dark.

We don’t hear the wind whine fearfully about not knowing where to blow, and we don’t ever see clouds trying to be perfectly formed for our eyes now do we?

Then why do we continue insisting to be or become someone we’re not, or demanding that others should fit into the molds we have of them so that we can feel comfortable around them?

Silly, isn’t it?

I mean; just question yourself – why would you not be enough? Why do you compare yourself with others?

And are you aware of the fact that ‘the others’ do the exact same thing..?

Simply be who you are and that is enough – always.

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By the way; have you seen that I have added a translator to my website? You’ll find it at the bottom of the website on the left hand side. When you click on the link that says “select language” you’ll have many different languages to chose from.

Now, this is the Google translator and not very good, at least from what I have seen when I tried out the Swedish translation (it was hilarious:-) but then again; your language may be better translated than the Swedish.

I hope it can be helpful to you if you wish to read my website in your own language.

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