A new choice can change everything (Power of Intention)

There’s such power in intention and decision!

In any moment, we can change the course of our entire life by making a new decision, and by making it consciously.

When you state a crystal clear choice you are activating the power that resides within you and immediately you open up for new ideas and ways to bring forth the transformation that you want to see happen in your life.

That you intend something sets in motion how the growing process will unfold and intention is really the creative force behind your decisions, and by choice you can make up your mind once and for all.

The moment we have fixed our minds on a decision things begin to move and shape themselves around that choice and you will be clearly guided in regards to what you need to do.

This moment can change everything.

Think about that! This moment right now can be the moment that changes the direction of your life. 

What profound transformation do you wish to see taking place in your life, beginning today?

It can be about your health, your relationships, job, family, your spiritual growth and development, anything that comes to mind or that has already been on your mind for the longest time.

Make up your mind about it today and see how that opens up a new path for you and how it happens in an instant.

Your power to make up your mind is the power to transform your life! 

power of intention
The power of intention is what opens up the world for you and which connects you with the greater forces of the universe.


There’s no reason to wait until new years eve with these things!

Imagine how much faster you can grow and transform your life if you don’t wait, but instead state an intention already now when the guidance came and the momentum is there.

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