The Truth About Spiritual Awakening

The Truth About Awakening, and Waking Up From Spirituality (Free Audio)

I was inspired to do this recording for you today (no opt-in required) because I feel it’s important to kind of make a clear break with the past and as I shared with you in one of my recent articles, things has radically shifted for me and I’m no longer the person I used to be.

So things are not going to be like they have been before in my Teleclasses as I have awakened from many of the things I used to teach and write about, and in this recording I’m sharing a little bit about those things just to make it clear where I stand now, and how things are going to be from now on.

In this recording I’m speaking a little bit about the truth about spiritual awakening – and also about waking up from spirituality, because that’s what awakening is; you wake up from illusion, and what the spiritual marketplace so to speak has to offer is not much different than what religion has to offer, which is just more delusion, only in different forms.

What is described as awakening is nothing more than an idea of what the ego likes to think it is, and thus more and more ego’s buy into the whole illusion. 

Spiritual awakening doesn’t make you a blissfully smiling, soft speaking “love and light” lovey-dovey type of ‘spiritual person’, that’s the spiritually enlightened ego’s idea of this whole thing (that you become more spiritual), and that’s not what it is about at all.

Truth is that when you wake up, you wake up from spirituality too.

Yes, .. you wake up from spirituality too, realizing that spirituality is one of the most effective tools for delusion there is.

This includes religion and different kinds of cults, Guru worshiping and so on; they are all pretty much the same thing.

It’s all designed by the ego to keep you from looking deeper and more closely into Truth and most importantly, into what is not true and real.

It’s never questioned in fact. 

The truth about awakening is that there can be, and many times there is, loss; loss of what you call “your life”, which can include loss of your home, a loved one, money, your reputation, loss of friends, and people and family might even resent you and leave you. 

There can be immense, terrorizing, agonizing fear, even deep and severe depression and suicidal thoughts. 

I’m telling you; awakening is a messy process and honestly I can’t but laugh sometimes when I read or hear about some people’s description and ideas of spiritual awakening.

It’s not about spiritual experiences of oneness and unity and all those kinds of things.

That’s not what awakening is; those things are spiritual experiences but they are not the same as spiritual awakening. 

In the process of awakening you have to be willing to have your egoic identity triggered and challenged and you have to be willing to go through a radical destruction of the self you take yourself to be.

What the spiritual awakening process is about in reality is that your identity unravels in the process, your world as you see it crushes, you’re dying – and you’re being born again, in Spirit, and it’s not comfortable at all;

You’re dying for God’s sake! 

It’s a process of (spiritual) death and rebirth so who in their right mind can even think that it’s a process that is filled with endless bliss, love and light?

Only the ego thinks that. Only the ego 🙂

In this recording I talk more about these things (which I know some of you can relate to that is already deep in the process of awakening) and I also invite you to join me in my Teleclasses where we can talk more.

In the live calls we can talk about whatever processes you are going through and so on, and if you have any questions or topic requests, then bring ’em on as well!

Here’s the audio recording for you:

The Truth About Awakening and Waking Up From Spirituality (53 min.)

Audio no longer exists.

true awakening

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(More about that here).

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  1. Mark

    There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way, and not starting. – Buddha

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  3. Don

    wow maria its so refreshing to hear someone say it as it really is and yes boy am I right there, just as if you know all about me ! ….thank you so much

  4. I’m so glad to hear that Don 🙂

    Yes, my blog is like a ‘journal’ almost where I have shared from my awakening process before I knew exactly what was happening as well as when I was in the awakening process and now after the awakening, so I’m glad to hear that what I shared in this audio was somehow helpful to you because I know that this path is not all about “love and light” lol! 🙂

    I know that many can relate to what I have shared both in the past (older articles etc) and also today like in this audio for example, so thank you for letting me know that it resonated with you, it’s always nice to hear.

    It’s literally a death and rebirth process and the one who began the journey (or as in my case; when the awakening happened to me without me choosing it) and the one who wakes up is not the one and the same.

    So looking back even to some of my earlier Teleclasses for example I can see with absolute clarity how the false self tried to save itself because of the challenging life-situation I was in in regards to losing my home and so on.

    But all that was of course helping the awakening, and so here I am today;

    A new phase of my life has begun and who knows what will come next.

    All I know is that I will continue writing and sharing from my own life as well as answering questions from my readers/members of my site, following the thread and current of Life that is laid up in front of me as I go.

    And I will continue to do my Teleclasses etc etc, only in different ways since I don’t like the word “class” so much anymore because of the simple fact that it’s mostly about unlearning and not learning.

    The journey continues; there’s no end to the evolutionary process, and I love that about life!

    We are forever evolving, expanding and discovering more and more about ourselves and life..! 🙂

  5. Suva

    How did you awaken? Would like to hear about it. What you said resonates with me.

  6. It was a very long process that span over a period of a decade or so, too much to share in a comment, but I have shared lots of my processes and the things I went through here on my website which I started to write in 2009.

    In many ways my website is a documentation of how my process unfolded for me and how I came to the day when I knew I was done (when the process was over and I had awakened).

    This doesn’t mean however that I’m done evolving and growing, it just means I have awakened.

    Life goes on – albeit in a different way than before 🙂

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