Don’t Let Fear Steal Your Peace

Fear, doubt and worry is not from God so don’t let anything of that kind steal your peace.

Peace is from God, joy is from God, love is from God.

When we meet tribulations in life it’s so easy to fall into the trap of fear and worry, but we can choose not to believe what they tell us.

The power of God is within each and every one of us, and powerfully so if we let it!

The power of God is within you to handle all situations, any conditions, circumstances or challenges that you might be going through.

There’s nothing ordinary about our true self and with its help we can overcome anything, and the greater our awareness of this Truth, the faster and easier we move through our tribulations and trials in life.

All right choices and actions come from within, from a place of wisdom and peace, that’s when we’re able to do what is needed and we’re able to do it in a constructive way.

So today I invite you to make every effort to stay and stand on Truth, to come from a place of power, because it’s the Truth that sets us free, not what our senses tell us.

Let Truth dominate your thoughts and take back your power by taking authority over doubt and fear; refuse to let fear dominate you and know that faith brings victory.

Trusting your own innate God-power also brings joy – joy is strength and peace is the result.

Just notice how this is true in your own life when you come to a place of complete trust in God (even if it’s for a brief moment) in whatever it is that you’re struggling with – feel how joy wells up inside of you when you know that God is on your side and that he’s working on your behalf to bring you through.

There is joy and there is peace.

It’s when we surrender our ways and let the power within us to take over that we experience this.

And at some point we all come to the realization that the rest has to be done by a power higher than us, that God has to step in and do the rest.

And while we’re in this transitional phase sometimes it can be uncomfortable and there might be an inner feeling of unease and just plain old spiritual discomfort, we feel out of place, and we feel that we are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place.

It’s important to know that this comes from the ego’s need to control things, the ego’s desire and need to be in control and to always know what’s going to happen next or tomorrow and so on.

So to maneuver ourselves through these transitional phases where we’re not suppose to do anything but trust and stand still, it’s also important to keep staying connected and to continue communicating with the inner guide that we all have.

It’s all about how we approach these times that makes the difference in how we feel about them and how easy they are going to be on us so it’s important to be focused on the right things and to ask the right type of questions.

The uneasy feeling that comes with any kind of transition, when we move from one phase to another in life, is a sign of the ego being uncomfortable, not the true you.

Remember that God is at work when you rest, and this resting place can be very uncomfortable for the ego that always wants to do something.

So instead of asking questions like (when uneasiness comes up) “oh, God what am I going to do?”, ask questions like: 

  • I feel uncomfortable. Is there anything that I need to be attentive to?
  • Is there something that I need to see or understand that I’m not seeing? If so make it clear to me so that I can correct it (or myself).
  • Is there anything that I need to address about this that is important?

This way you will be able to discern what is real and what is not because God always leads us in a peaceful way.

And most importantly if this uneasiness continues, go within and ask God “what is the Truth about this?” because fear, worry, anxiety and so on has nothing to do with Truth.

God operates from a place of peace and love. Remember this always.

Stay single-minded on what God tells you and where God leads you because when you’re with God you can be undisturbed (even though it can still be uncomfortable but you don’t let that disturb you), so don’t let doubt fear and worry steal your peace.

Thoughts like this is poison: (This is Worry talking in your head)

What’s gonna happen to me? Oh, God, how am I gonna get out of this? How will this end? What if, what if”

Worry will only steals your blessings and solutions so say to the worry ‘no, I don’t allow you into my life, you have no power over me anymore’ and get back to God and remember who he is and who you are in him.

When your mind is on God you will have peace.

John 14:27

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