social media influencer, forget about being consistent

You don’t have to be consistent on social media

When you’re aligned with the flow, the right people and opportunities will naturally gravitate towards you.

Too many people are struggling unnecessarily because they take action in opposition to the flow.

A popular advice nowadays is that you have to stay consistent, especially on social media, that you have to ‘crush it’ there by constantly be posting new content.

That you have to be pushing out content like a crazy person in order to stay current and in people’s minds.

The reality though is that you don’t have to!

To be consistent often means you you come from a place of ego, from a sense of competition and pushing, and pushing eventually always kills the authentic joy of creating and sharing.

Instead it becomes a chore, a strategy that is bound to fail (if true fulfillment is what you’re looking for.)

When you just ‘produce’ (whatever it is) only because you feel you have to and not because you actually want to, you’ve lost your natural spontaneity and become more like a machine, a human robot.

What kind of life is that, to only do things as a means to an end?

No one can be productive 365 days a year without suffering from it in some way or another.

It causes stress to think that unless people are constantly noticing and paying attention to you, you’re in danger of losing something.

I can assure you that you’re not.

That’s all your ego talking to you, telling you that unless you’re constantly ‘doing something’ you’re going to ‘lose out’.

But when you loosen up a bit and become more aware of your own flow and you work with its current, you’ll be more productive in the long run and you’ll enjoy the unfolding of your life more too.

And isn’t that what you really want? To enjoy your life?

When you relax into being yourself and following the flow of your own life’s energy, that’s when the people you are meant to connect with finds their way to you!

You can’t lose something that you are meant to have, whether it’s the relationship or connection to other people, success and achievements, or whatever it may be for you.

Whatever is meant to happen will always happen and the more you get your ego out of the way the easier and more harmoniously life will unfold.

So forget about ‘crushing it’ on social media if that’s not your true inclination and path.

And don’t get me wrong, for some it is their path!

So I’m not saying it’s wrong, but not everybody is meant to be a so called “influencer”.

There are many people in the world that are not even on social media and they are ‘crushing it’ in their life so you don’t need social media in order to succeed.

If you really like it then by all means enjoy it and go all out with it, but if you feel that you ‘have to’ be consistent and keep pushing out content like a human machine then I suggest you take a moment and consider with all seriousness what it is that you’re doing to yourself.

The only thing you really need to be consistent with is to consistently move with the flow of your own true inclinations and inner guidance.

So turn the attention away from all the social media experts out there and ask yourself if you’re really doing what you’re called to do, or are you doing it only because your ego tells you to do it?

Dare to be consistently inconsistent by following your own life’s energy. 😊

Sometimes there is consistency, and sometimes there isn’t, it’s just the way life moves.

There are times when you’re meant to focus on other things too.

If people are meant to ‘remember you’, they will be drawn to you subconsciously anyway, and the more aligned you are, the more they keep showing up for you without you having to be chasing them around on social media!

So relax, take a break, and let people find You. 😊

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