Spiritual Workshop and Meetings in Nerja

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Dates and other details are now ready to be announced for my upcoming workshops (intuition and awareness) and spiritual group (coaching) meetings in Nerja, beginning in May 2014! 

Intuition and Awareness Workshop in Nerja, Spain

This full day (10:00 – 17:00) spiritual Workshop offers insights and practices to help you discover and develop your intuition. Following our intuition and having a deepened sense of awareness puts us right back to the flow of the universe and our true life.

This workshop will be interactive and we will do lots of exercises to really get in touch with the inner voice of truth that we all have.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • What intuition is and how it speaks to us.

  • Why we don’t trust it and what hinders us from hearing it.

  • How to know if it’s your ego’s voice or if it’s your intuition.

  • How to discover and develop intuition. (Exercises).

  • How life flows when we’re trusting and following our intuition.

  • Self awareness when it comes to values, priorities, beliefs and thinking process.

-And much more!

It will be a fun and enlightening day so join me here in Nerja for this workshop in May 2014!

Please go here for full details.

Spiritual Group Coaching in Nerja, Spain

Group sessions provide not only support from the other members in the group, but it also helps increase our ability to understand and learn from other peoples perspectives and life experiences as well.

Learn how to follow your intuition, expand your awareness, and how to trust and flow with the current of your life as it guides you to live an authentic and true life.

Awareness means that we give full attention to each and every moment of our life and become conscious about how our conditioning and beliefs prevents us from seeing clearly, and when illusions are seen through and shattered, we are free.

If you’re ready to start living a more inspired life then I’ll invite you to join me here in Nerja in May-June, 2014.

NOTE: These events and meetings are now over.

Please contact me if you’d like to arrange a talk or group meeting with me.

I’m available to travel anywhere in Costa del Sol (Spain), conduct meetings online, as well as travel Internationally.

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Get in alignment with the flow of life

 Nothing beats talking one-on-one where you get personalized insight,

coaching and advice based on your own individual goals and desires.  


Work closely with me for the next two months: FLOW INTENSIVE

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