Spirituality in Nerja, Spain

Intuition and Awareness Workshop in Nerja (Malaga)

Learn how to discover and develop your intuition and deepen your awareness and experience how life puts you right back to the rhythm of the universe and your true life when you are true to yourself.

You will learn what intuition is, how it communicates, how to develop it, and what it is that hinders us from listening to it, trusting it, and acting on it.

Learn how to discern between the voice of the ego and your intuition, and how to develop your intuition so that it becomes the guiding light in your life.

We will do lots of exercises that helps you discover and develop your intuition and deepen your awareness of the present moment and your values and priorities in life.

We all have this powerful and natural resource of intuition and it can be used in all aspects of life and when we have a sense of increased awareness it also helps us make more conscious and wise choices in life.

By living in tune with our intuition the quality of life improves immensely because we trust ourselves and the current of our individual life and where it wants to take us.

We really have all the answers and we only need to look and listen within ourselves in order to start living life in a new, more empowered way!

~Awareness is the key to freedom – intuition is our guide.

Group Coaching in Nerja, Spain

The group coaching meetings will focus on how to follow our intuition and our inner truth and by expanding our awareness, questioning our beliefs and doing deep self inquiery, we come to trust and flow with the current of our life as it always guides us to live an authentic and true life.

When we commit to being authentic and when we’re being true to ourselves, we get profound, wise, moment to moment insights directly from our true voice, and we get to experience the joy of living an inspired life!

Spiritual Awakening and Transformation lectures in Spain

People all over the world are going through a process of spiritual awakening and many are totally unaware of it, or they know they are in the process but it’s all very confusing and even disturbing.

Maybe you intuitively feel that your depression or life crisis is more than ‘just that’.

Your breakdown is probably your breakthrough (to your true life) and there is support, guidance and insights to receive when it comes to this journey.

You can find more information about workshops, lectures and group meetings here: Events  


Please contact me if you’d like to arrange a talk or group meeting with me.

I’m available to travel anywhere in Costa del Sol (Spain), conduct meetings online, as well as travel Internationally.

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Get in alignment with the flow of life

 Nothing beats talking one-on-one where you get personalized insight,

coaching and advice based on your own individual goals and desires.  


Work closely with me for the next two months: FLOW INTENSIVE


  1. Do you have classes or lecture between 15 th dec and 23 re December
    What time ?
    The cost ?
    We are visiting from Kenya

  2. Hello Shariffa,

    I don’t have classes or lectures that particular week, but I’m open and available for private meetings whether you travel in groups or if you come alone or as a couple.

    Please contact me privately either by email or phone as soon as you can to see what we can arrange.

    You can contact me here: http://mariaerving.com/contact

    I welcome you to Nerja and hope you enjoy your stay here! (I’m sure you will 🙂 )

    Chat soon,


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