Ask God to repeat Himself

Pay attention today to what comes to you twice.

God usually repeats an important message.

If you have been praying and talking with God about things recently but not really heard back from him yet, then I invite you to ask him to repeat himself to you today so that you really get the message that he has for you, because sometimes he speaks and speaks, but we don’t hear him.

He is speaking to us all the time, so open this door for him – allow his voice and guidance into your heart today by asking him to speak to you twice about the things that’s on your heart and mind, the things that you have talked about with him in private that only you know about.

You might read or hear something in the morning on your way to work, and then a thought or idea comes to you during the day that relates to what came to you in the morning, and then someone mentions that same things again that you heard in the morning and so on.

Usually I know immediately that something is from God when he says it TWICE, but sometimes he repeats himself more than that.

Just let him do that to you today, and be attentive to what comes to you.

A prayer that you have been nagging God about for ages might come to fruition today, revelations can come to you today in regards to the things that you have been talking to him about if you let him guide you this way.

You might get your answers today! 

Pay attention today – and ask God to confirm for you the things that you have spoken to him about in your privacy – the things that only you and God knows about, and ask him to affirm your thoughts or ideas etc and you will experience such a clear communication back from God that it might even astound you.

Do it today! (Right now, after you have read this article.)

See what happens later today after you have intended to hear his conformation and guidance etc where he shows/tells you things twice.

God’s willingness to repeat himself is blessed confirmation if we think we’re hearing from God but aren’t quite sure.

And also let him speak to you about the things he wants you to know about, things that you don’t know about yet, or that you have missed because you just haven’t been able to hear the important messages he has for you.

Be open to all that he has for you today, not only what you have spoken to him about, but also the things he wants to reveal to you and get through to you about.

He might speak to you through other people, websites/blogs, scripture, conversations, books, etc; there’s no limits to how he can get through to us, so ask him to speak to you twice today, to repeat himself so that you really get what he’s trying to tell you.

And then of course, when you get the confirmation or guidance from God; act on it immediately and do what he says – It will BLESS you!

You may not know how you will be blessed or how it will become a blessing to you, but after you have taken the step that God has told you to take, the unfolding from that moment on will reveal it to you.

Rest assured that God always wants what’s for our well-being and he’s always coming from a place of love and concern for us.

God repeats Himself

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