Don't Let Fear Steal Your Peace

The Ego Wants to Keep You in a State of Fear and Worry

Fear, worry, and anxiety is what the ego, or the programmed self, thrives on.

Are you worried about something in your life right now?

Or are you a “worrier”, — Do you live in fear and anxiety most of the time, or even some of the time?

It’s not healthy, and it’s not necessary — It’s a complete waste of time and energy, and when we come to know fear, really seeing it for what it is, then it’s no longer a threat, then it’s no longer a scary thing.

When we face the fear, when we look into it, it loses its power, and this is so needed in the world today!

We need to be courageous and look deeply into that which hold us limited, and fear is something that really restricts humanity, it disconnects you from Source.

— It’s another word for ‘ego’! Ego means fear, and Spirit means LOVE.

There are those who worry themselves sick in this world, so this is a topic that is very important.

People are lost in fear, worry and anxiety all over the world.

It’s not unnatural to feel concerned when there is a real threat to you or a loved one’s safety and welfare, but to be worried about them doesn’t do any of you any good, it just worsens the situation.

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None of us want our loved ones to be in any kind of danger, but worry won’t do any good in any situation, while feeling concerned is a different thing, it doesn’t consume you like fear and worry does.

When we’re concerned about something then we can also at the same time stay in a state of peace, and by remaining calm, then we can act in a more intelligent and constructive way.

We can’t do that when we worry and are all tensed up and anxious.

Worry and fear is irrational and destructive.

When anxiety stirs up in you in regards to a loved one for example, you don’t have to let it develop into fear and worry; if you direct it towards concern instead then you can do something constructive to help the situation.

Fear always leads to a deeper fear, deeper anxiety, deeper worry, — It never goes in a healthy direction, ever!

So right now, look at your life;

I there something in your life that you are worried about, then look at what basis your fears have and you will find that there’s very little basis to your fears, if any.

Fear is not to be avoided or brushed off like it’s not there, that’s not what I’m saying, but face your fears and worries in a different way;

By changing your perspective and by looking fear straight in the face, that’s how it loses its power.

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Don’t try to bottle the uncomfortable feelings up, don’t pretend they are not there, but don’t indulge in them either, don’t allow yourself to get pulled into its stories and lies.

We can go through difficulties in a peaceful way, we can maintain a calm attitude no matter what is going on or whatever the difficulties are that are confronting you.

Notice how the ego comes in full throttle when you choose peace.

The ego thinks that you SHOULD worry, that that’s how difficulties are solved, but honestly, tell me one time it has worked for you?

What good has worry and fear ever done for you? — How has worrying ever solved a problem or a difficult situation?

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Things happen in life, to all of us. But they become a source of suffering only because we lack the deeper and true understanding of the real nature of life.

Our mind is the source of our fears and worries, not the events of our lives.

The event or situation is neutral in that regard, but we make the situation the source by the thoughts we think about it, and by doing that we’re giving our power away.

Fear is nothing more than a state of mind.

A state of consciousness; the ego consciousness.

Sometimes the best cure for fear and worry is to do something for someone else, because when we do that, we shift from ego to spirit. We become giving instead, and the ego can’t live in that kind of love, it can’t live in that space, especially when it thinks that you really, really need to worry.

So when we do this, our state of consciousness shifts because we can’t have two opposing sets of thoughts in our mind at the same time.

Love will always drive fear out. And it’s true the other way around too; Fear drives love out. And you make that choice, we are doing that to ourselves, whatever our choice is.

But when your mind is completely occupied with an unselfish desire to help someone else, then you can’t be harboring fear at the same time.

This is when the ego comes in and says “oh, my God, but I must WORRY!”

But it’s a complete waste of time, so redirect it, and take charge of your mind.

Fear is an enemy to the human organism, to the mind, the body, — It’s pure poison for your whole being — Body, Mind and Soul.

Fear is a learned state of mind.

Fear-like states like frustration, stress and worry are all a waste of time and energy, and we can stop it by thinking of something or someone else, by exuding love to another person for example.

There’s nothing positive or helpful in worry and fear at all.

Feelings of nervousness is a different thing, if you’re a performer for example and you feel nervous before you go up on stage, but it’s only if you let the nervousness escalate and develop into fear that it will have any power to restrict you.

So I’m not talking about that – I’m talking about the kind of fear that restricts you, that holds you back, that keeps you up all night, the kind of fear that paralyzes you.

The fears that hold people back and in worry etc comes from beliefs.

Our societal, cultural and religious/spiritual conditioning keeps many people very narrow-minded, and if left unexamined they can be stuck in a certain level of consciousness for all their life.

Beliefs are so ingrained in us, and so powerful, so they have to be seen through and released if you want to live a full and happy life.

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If not, then there’s very little progress and you just live out the same old programmed fears and worries year after year, and some people don’t even think it’s abnormal.

We all know someone like that – Someone who’s always tense and who think it’s normal to worry!

Their limiting and false beliefs are so ingrained and instilled in them that they don’t know any other option or alternative than to worry and be scared and fearful.

Most of them are of course unaware, or they never dare to question their beliefs even if they live in fear and worry 24/7. They never question anything but have grown accustomed to accept it as a normal thing in life.

Fear is a liar and a thief.

And something I have written and share about a lot here on my website!

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Fear robs us of the peace that is already here. — Peace is always present, and we have access to it at all times.

Life is Now, and worrying about a future that has not yet happened is not helpful, so bringing yourself back to the present moment takes you back to peace, where you belong.

It’s your birthright to be at peace and feeling confident, no matter what is going on in your life.

We have to do the inner work too of course, to make the internal shifts. Otherwise it just stays as another tool for the ego to use to avoid and prevent progress, growth and evolution (and then you’ll only experience momentary peace here and there, which is not the kind of peace I’m talking about).

There is only one moment in time where we have conscious control, and that is Right Now, in the present moment. In This Moment we can choose to be fearful, or we can choose to be peaceful.

It’s not the things that happen in life, but the way we look at them, how we form opinions about the things that happens and concerns us that makes us feel the way we feel. It all comes from the way we think.

The world is filled with fearful, worrying people!

Worry is something that arises in the mind by our attachments, and the stronger the attachment, the greater the fear, and it’s always about the fear of losing or not getting something.

There’s always some kind of attachment involved when there’s fear and worry in a person.

The more ego (conditioned/false self) there is, the greater the fear, and the more you live from spirit (grounded in wholeness), the more peace, trust and faith there is.

It’s a matter of perspective and what you identify with, so who are you going to listen to: Your ego or your true voice of Spirit?

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Fear is instilled in most people’s minds to some extent.

It’s something we have learned.

We have been brought up and basically trained to fear and to worry about everything, it’s the number one tool the ego uses to hold humanity imprisoned and small.

It doesn’t do you any good to live in a fearful state of mind, not even a little bit worry will do you any good, it does nothing but weakens and enslaves the mind, that’s what it does.

Fear is completely unnecessary, unless it’s an instinctual fear that tells you to get away from something or someone for example, but other than that it’s useless.

Either you can do something about a situation or you don’t, so what good does it do to worry about things that are out of your control?

And how about what fear does to your body?

Nothing good at all! It just leads to issues like high blood pressure, heart diseases, and other health conditions that are all aggravated and triggered by worry, anxiety and stress, and which all comes from fear.

Fear also affects our thinking and makes the future look dark and gloomy, but we don’t have to live that way!

I invite you to do a surrender prayer where you release all your fears and worries to the Divine within you.

Where you let everything go into its capable hands, and where you surrender and give everything over that is bothering you or making you feel tense, scared and stressed out.


Don’t go to bed tonight feeling worried.

Instead go out and look at the sky and the stars and feel the vastness of this universe and contemplate what a waste of mental energy it is to worry.

We’re here for a relatively short time, so I really encourage you (everyone) to completely release fear from your life, set yourself completely free from it.

Yes, it can be done.

So tonight, don’t allow fear to rob you of a good night’s sleep; When you sleep, sleep, and put all other things in the hands of the Divine. — Tomorrow is a another day, a new day, and things will look different.

Don’t keep fear alive, not even a second of your life is worth to waste on fear and worry!

Fear and worrying is making you unhappy and this should be reason enough to give it up, and it is a choice.

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Fear is a choice, and even though it feels very convincing, it’s only a feeling, and feelings pass.

The way to live without fear and worry is to find out who you are so that you can rise above the ego. Don’t let it control your life because that is not who you are.

You are not the ego, and the inner work is all about shifting your identity out of it, and when that happens, you’re free.

Get in alignment with the Truth of who you are.

You and I are so above fear and worry, so above it, that it cannot touch us once we have realized who we are. It can still come up briefly (and then you nip it in the bud), but it can never take hold of you again, ever.

Once you know who you are you will have peace, you will have the kind of peace that no one, no situation, no person, no nothing, can take away from you.

When we know who we are we don’t succumb to fear, we don’t hesitate looking it straight in the face, we don’t let ourselves contract because it tries to make itself so very important,

— it’s just not able to pull you in and make you suffer anymore!

Here’s articles that can help you with that: #SelfAwareness

Fear cannot live in us when we’re aligned with our true nature, when we’re in a higher state of consciousness, it just can’t.

It’s a different level of consciousness – and by choosing peace you’ll naturally move away from the ego consciousness,

.. and when you perceive life through the higher perspective, then life becomes harmonious and peaceful, even in the midst of chaos that might be going on on the outside.

You never get that peace from living your life from the ego level of consciousness.

When we realize this then it also becomes very obvious how unnecessary and wasteful it is to worry and to be fearful and all stressed out.

Surrender your fears, and most importantly; see through them, and set yourself free.

Peace is the way, always, and peace comes when you get in alignment with the true nature of your being and the beautiful flow of Life!

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Get in alignment with what belongs to you by Divine right:

Maria is able to see the blocks that are holding you back

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Val, Melbourne, Australia

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Thanks to your guidance, my self-awareness has soared, allowing me to understand how my state influences the world around me. I am immensely grateful for the positive impact you’ve had on my journey.

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My life has changed dramatically

Maria’s teachings and my session with her has transformed my life and allowed me to live in a state of flow and beautiful synchronicity. Maria, your impact on me is immeasurable, and I will forever be grateful.

— Maya

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– Carolyn W. Asheville, NC, USA

Her unique ability to read your state helped me to breakthrough

I’ve had HUGE shifts in my beliefs. Her undivided attention, presence and unique ability to read your state helped me to breakthrough and release old patterns and replace them with new self-empowering practices that have truly shifted my life. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone. I am forever changed and forever grateful!

Joanna, USA

The feeling of peace and freedom is priceless

This feeling of peace and freedom is priceless. Maria is beyond amazing. Had I not experienced it myself, I would probably not believe it. I recommend anyone who is trying hard to be truly free and really start walking down the path of self fulfillment and happiness to book a session with her.

Can’t recommend her enough!

Working with Maria was one of the best investments I ever made in myself. I’ve seen immediate shifts in my energy as well as learned to work with my own energy and mind. It has been one of the single most transformational experiences of my life. Can’t recommend her enough!

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