Be a Rebel Zen Master

The mind has to be jolted from the norm in order to grow and transform.

That’s why I sometimes write or say something that is intentionally meant to poke, provoke, confront, and challenge the ego.

My intention with pushing the ego’s buttons is always to break up limited ego patterns because I know that that is what helps shift from where someone is in consciousness to a place of lesser restriction.

When the ego is poked and provoked it makes it uncomfortable and that in turn helps a person to wake up.

Today I have a challenge for you.

I’m asking you to let go of all rules and restrictions you may have put on yourself and instead let this moment and day (or the whole weekend!) be ‘as is’, without any rules to follow.

At first it may make your ego squirm, but once you let go and surrender to your own flow (which is free and “rule-less”) you will feel the relief and joy of it.

Let go of discipline, guidelines, traditions and rituals.

Surrender to your own sovereign consciousness, to your own unique and individual flow of life.

Open yourself completely to the experience that begins in this very moment.

Right now. 

Be okay with not knowing what you will do today now that you don’t have any rituals to follow or rules to obey to.

Instead, think about this:

What do you want to do today? 

Be honest.

Listen to yourself and your own true desires. 

Stop being at war with yourself and tip toeing around what you have told yourself you can or cannot do if you’re doing that. 

Be Open – Don’t Exclude Anything.

Profoundly embrace the here and now as it is and welcome everything and anything in.

Just for a moment, open your heart and mind to everything.

Feel how that feels.

To be completely open and unrestricted. 

Be here, where there’s no more Gurus or rules to run to or hide behind, when there’s absolutely nowhere left to go,

.. and when the nakedness of this moment becomes apparent and scary..

Then turn it all around and make this moment your one and only true sanctuary. 

Own it. It’s Yours.

Don’t let anybody or anything dictate how you should live. 

Take charge of this moment and day in your life by finding the peace in letting go of anything that has previously restricted you or made you into almost like a human robot.

Challenge the status quo, the norm of your life and the rituals of your day.  

Be totally here and let this moment be the one thing you know, the only thing you know.

Really let those words sink in.

This moment is all you know.

There’s nothing to hold on to, no rules to live by.

This is the perfection of your life.

Total freedom from rules, disciplines ad regulations. 

Nothing to live by but your own life’s rhythm and flow.

Oh, delightful freedom!

Now you’re out of the small pond or fishbowl you previously called “your life”; now you’re set free into the vast universe where all things exist.

Relax rather than feel uptight and tense about your ‘little life’ and open up to the ‘big life’, the unrestricted flow of the universe.

Let everything disappear as if it was never really here.

Actually, it was never really here.

The rules where only in your mind.

You can let them go, you can liberate yourself, and you can do it right now.

Become a Rebel Zen Master.

Rebel: Go against the rules and let go of all shoulds and musts.

Zen: Relax and choose for yourself what peace looks like for you.

Master: Be your own Guru and let It rule the day. Do what YOU want to do.

Being free and being a Rebel Zen Master is about embracing all of who you are in all moments and being absolutely fine with it even if it goes against the grain (as it usually always does).

Here’s what I suggest you do today and this weekend:


  • Going out of your way to be all loving, compassionate and kind. Be selfish for once. 
  • Trying to become holy; give up childish sainthood desires of the spiritualized ego.
  • Being a “love and light” cheerleader. Be human, allow yourself to feel more than one feeling.
  • Trying so hard to be “spiritual” instead of being true to yourself and what you want to do.
  • Trying to be “good” and perfect. Let go of the goody two shoe ‘you’. 
  • Chanting, praying and meditating, or anything else you might be rigid about.
  • Finding “balance” and being ‘mindful’. Just let yourself be in whatever way you are. 
  • Doing your spiritual practices and any other rigorous regimes. Give yourself a break.
  • Writing gratitude lists and instead simply appreciate this moment as it is.

Stop doing all those things that you’re straining with on a regular, daily basis. 

What if you didn’t do any of those things today?

Just to see how it is to not do them?

What if you..

Let everything go?

What if you called off the search for, .. whatever it is that you do them for?

How would it be to be done trying to ‘do’ something, ‘be’ something, and ‘understand’ something?

.. and letting go of the pressure to trying to be 100% happy and perfect 100% of the time?

Here’s a suggestion:

Ditch “spirituality” for now. 

Take a vacation from all that!

Just be you and drop out of the search.

You are already here and all you really have to “do” is to stay present and enjoy the ride.

Decide that you are going to enjoy the crap out of this day and weekend!

As a completely free individual. 

Eat, drink, and be merry!

Do whatever you fancy.

Drop the masks you wear. Be yourself all out.

Enjoy life from a place of non-restriction and feel the freedom and liberation of that!

Can you feel it?

The sigh of relief, is it to be felt within you?

That’s Life, unrestricted.

Enjoy it to the fullest!

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

rebel zen master
Become intensely aware of all the ways in which you restrict yourself, and intend to thoroughly enjoy being a Rebel Zen Master completely and unapologetically.

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