The Mind Always Demands To Be Preoccupied

It fears stillness more than anything else, because it knows that in that stillness, you are.

And for you to ‘find’ yourself, for you to realize yourself, means the death to the ego – and because it knows that in the process of self-realizing it will loose it’s ‘job’ – it will do all it can to keep you busy, to keep the mind busy doing something all the time, whether its something to focus on, to concentrate on, to keep us busy on something it believes to be oh so important. Analyzing and continuously trying to figure things out.

Sometimes the doing gets into a mechanical habit, a routine, and actually many people live like that.

And the ego thrives in that, in the familiar and comfortable where not much new and fresh input is allowed.

They go to the same job year after year, decade after decade, and then when they finally retire and the occupation is no longer there, they loose themselves too, because they have been attached to the identity as someone having this or that job.

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This sometimes happen to parents too when all they think of all day long, year after year, is their kids and husband or wife but never themselves.

Then one day when the kids leave and move out, the parent looses their meaning/purpose (in his/her mind) and this can even progress into a deep existential crisis:

“Who am I now? No one needs me anymore, I’m useless”.

The mind will start craving and demanding an occupation again, whatever it may be; they might start drinking excessively perhaps, or God and the church becomes their new thing that they can become fanatic about, or they might become that annoying mother-in-law that gets into their kids business all the time..

Basically anything will do for the ego, except to look within themselves and discover the truth of their being.

In reality the answer is to get out of their minds (as in getting still and receptive to the truth that is already present when we still the noise that occupies our minds), not to give the mind a new occupation.

Insights and wisdom of self doesn’t come from the mind; all kinds of revelations come from stillness and awareness, but the mind always demands to be occupied.

When we become aware of how the mind operates, we come to realize that it’s in the knowing of the false that we come to see the Truth.

And that’s where all our suffering comes from essentially, from the unwillingness to look silently without the need to analyze or figure anything out.

To not go to our minds for so called solutions because the problems we think we have are also created in the mind, by the mind!

It will always keep itself busy, always keep itself occupied so it can keep its importance alive, while in reality there’s nothing new, nothing of real value, to be found in the mind.

It operates from memory and preconceived opinions and ideas, based on past experiences.

The simple aha-moment we get from looking at how silly our thoughts are is enough for insights to come right now, without us ‘trying’ to get them, because it’s none of the minds doing at all.

Truth is always beyond mind.

Be still. That’s the answer to everything 🙂

Let go of the demands of the mind. How? By awareness of its ways.


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