When you don’t know what to do, do nothing

When you don’t know what to do, become very still, do nothing, and then the answers will come.

Yesterday when I wrote my previous article I remembered some of my struggles when I lived in Norway and looking back now I can of course see how all that struggle was completely unnecessary.

But also necessary in the sense that if I hadn’t gone through them I wouldn’t be able to share what I share with you today.

We don’t have to learn by struggle but sometimes that’s where the biggest growth experiences are.

Until you find your flow and connect with it on a fundamental level, on a core level of being, life can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. 

When you live in the flow of your life, you don’t have to struggle.

Instead you become still when you don’t know something, and from that stillness a path opens up, or the answers you seek they appear.

You can’t force an answer or rush an outcome if you want the outcome that is the best for you.

What you can do instead is to allow things to unfold as they are intended, understanding that you don’t have the whole picture. 

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There’s always a natural transition phase that everyone goes through although very few people are aware of the unfolding of it and how it happens.

When you recognize the patterns in your life things flow with much more ease.

Moving with the flow and letting things unfold naturally is so much more harmonious and enjoyable. 

That way you’re always naturally inclined to either go this way or that way or stay put right where you are.

But it’s not passive.

It’s even beyond ‘waiting‘, you don’t really “wait”.

But it’s a natural open space where you dwell and simply live your life and where you know action will happen eventually so you’re relaxed about it.

No stressing going on, or rushing, forcing and desperately grasping for answers.

You just know that this is how life unfolds so you enjoy the moment even if you’re not doing anything in particular.

But you don’t go around waiting for something to happen.

Because you know that something is always happening even if you can’t see it.

And “doing nothing” doesn’t mean that you’re void of all responsibility.

You still continue showing up every day, but your focus shifts and becomes more inward-pointed.

This is an act/action too.

The action is to continue showing up for yourself and Life.

When in the “doing nothing” phase; simply enjoy life, relax, just live.


And wait with taking any outward action until you feel an action coming from within the center of your being, from the flow.

Everything happens according to your consciousness.

Things will not happen for you in terms of success for example (in any area of life) before you’re ready for it in consciousness.

Just like you won’t be able to have a loving relationship until you actually love yourself first.

Others won’t respect you until you respect yourself, and so on.

If you don’t like where you are, realize that you are where you are because there’s something there that will help you grow.

Before you see it (the gift or blessing) and move with it (are willing to grow/evolve), consciousness stays as it is.

It has to, it has no other choice.  

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Maybe there’s a call that you haven’t answered because it feels uncomfortable or scary, but until you do, nothing will move.

You will need to move, or take a step forward, so that Life can move for you. 

And sometimes that means doing absolutely nothing too.

Flow does not come from desperation, it comes from stillness.

There are instances where someone is stuck and stagnated and I advise them to do something just to get the energy going, because once you get moving there’s a “snowball” effect that happens.

Fear sometimes (often) paralyses people into inaction and when in that space, it’s not fun to live at all. 

So when you do something, anything at all, then things has no choice but to start moving forward and then you simply adjust your sail as you go.

The difference now is that now you’re out of the rut, and that is the main point.

It can be something simple as creating a new healthy habit or morning ritual.

Even that would be a good start in order to start moving in a direction that is more aligned with the natural flow of life.

You’re now unstuck, and even if you still don’t know exactly where you’re going, Life is able to correct the course as you go because of the simple fact that you were willing to move beyond your fears by taking some kind of action. 

The key here in all this is to listen within, ask for guidance and then take action on what is being conveyed.

Sometimes you make mistakes and that’s okay, that’s how we sometimes learn the most valuable lessons and it also helps develop your intuition because you rarely make the same mistake twice.

Next time you will know better so you’re able to make wiser choices and decisions and that way you’ll always be soaring higher and higher in your life.  

So today, if you’re in a place of not knowing what to do, let go of the need to know and the answers will come.

Not everything is your “work” or for you to figure out.

You have to let the universe arrange things, put things together and so on.

And then when it’s your turn to act again you will know with absolute certainty what to do.

It will just become obvious and when it is, you move with it.

That’s your part, and that’s the magic of living in the flow of life. 

Alanis Morissette funny way
“Life has a funny, funny way of helping you out, helping you out” – If you just let it! For a moment, stop trying to save yourself. Instead go within and let yourself be helped. That way the right actions will be prompted from within. Many times the solution even comes to you without you having to do anything. That’s the magic of living in the flow.


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  • I feel directionless and lost.
  • What should I do? I don’t know anything anymore, I don’t even know who I am.

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  1. Ganesh

    Hello Maria,
    Recently i had a very Unique experience in my daily meditation. I felt that i am nothing but the true potential only. the experience was very happy, but after one day, i gripped with the huge fear…!! I drained completely and unable to do anything for 2-3 days.

    Suddenly i remembered the grounding meditation. can you please elaborate this or any other solution for me?

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. To get grounded all you have to do is to walk barefoot in the woods or out somewhere in nature. And I also suggest you take a break from meditation.

  3. Ganesh

    Thanks for your help Maria. I learned the lesson. Despite of your warning Unknowingly I was following the wrong concepts ( Which was made by my mind-structure only !) about the meditation.


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